Cannabinoid Regulations

Your state-by-state guide to cannabinoid regulations.

What is the Cannabinoid Regulations tool?

Cannabinoid Regulations is a reference tool to help understand the complexities of the US CBD industry. It is an annual subscription that is updated quarterly as regulations change.

The state regulations vary drastically from states that have no regulation of CBD products to states like Colorado where CBD product manufacturing is highly regulated. The tool includes individual state summaries that contain information on product legality, transportation, labeling and testing summaries along with links to the state websites and/or regulations.

The scope of this tool is limited to CBD product regulations. A summary of some aspects of hemp regulations are provided where appropriate for CBD product manufacturers and retailers. It covers everything from CBD product legality, product manufacturing requirements and labeling compliance to all of the testing requirements and it is presented with supporting documentation for each individual state. Appendices for labeling and testing compile the various state requirements and distills them into a quick reference guide. Summaries of basic requirements are included as well as an example of a label that is compliant in the majority of states.

Regulatory guidelines for individual states are also available for retailers interested in a specific area.

Cannabinoid Regulations has given me the tools to make my CBD brand compliant in every state I want to sell it in. It's been a game changer and opened so many doors.

Eric Gonzalez
CBD manufacturer, Florida

Why should I invest in this document?

• Provides information to ensure products are compliant across the US.

• Keeps you up to date on changing regulations.

• No need to hire regulatory experts on staff.

• Provides insight into CBD regulations for larger companies interested in adding CBD to their products.

• White label product manufacturers can use the tool to advise their customers.

About Us

Laura Eder & Wendi Young

Regulatory Experts

Cannabinoid Regulations is a partnership between Triverity Laboratories and cannabis regulatory expert Laura Eder. It was conceived to fill a need in the CBD industry for interpretation of regulations and to provide actionable information.